The Switchy Switch

So I’m in one of those weird moods again where I have no idea if I like being a Top or a bottom.  I do love both aspects about this lifestyle and there are times where I am completely confused and frustrated about which side to be.  Has anyone else had this problem?

Sometimes I love doing this… (I love Pixie btw, I’m such a huge fan!)

I started as a bottom when I entered the scene publicly in 2005 but as I’m starting to get older (and maybe wiser), I’ve noticed that I am starting to slide into that authoritative role that I never really thought I would venture into.  I think part of it may be because of my job where I’m now a Sergeant and a supervisor of a half-dozen soldiers. That transition from taking orders to giving them has kinda transferred over into my lifestyle as well. Kinda interesting eh?

And sometimes I feel like getting this… (Miss Betty is another fav of mine. I think she would be really fun to get to know!)

Well I still have that problem about not deciding where I want to be.  I guess maybe I’ll just enjoy both sides as often as I can for now until one side or the other takes over.


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