An Off Topic Issue…

Let me take a few moments of your time and interrupt your regularly scheduled spanking blog to bring up an issue that has been coming up frequently in my day-to-day work life recently.  My goal with this post is to hopefully shed some more light on a regular ongoing issue in our society, and perhaps I may affect someone who reads this in a positive way.

Last week at work we had to go through a class pertaining to suicide awareness and prevention.  Saying that the army is a stressful job is a kinda duh statement, but granted, some jobs are more stressful than others.  Our base has recently had a string of suicides which has brought on this extra training that we normally receive annually anyways.  At the beginning of the class I looked forward to the training with as much enthusiasm as an upcoming root canal, however, once it started I realized this is a serious issue, not only within the army, but within this lifestyle community as well. 

I have had a number of like-minded spanko friends over the years express to me that they just want to quit life because they can’t seem to find their way around a hurdle in front of them, or perhaps behind them.  I will openly admit to you that even I have struggled with these thoughts and feelings myself and there have been many times where I have woken up and didn’t know if this was going to be my last day or not.  Even this past weekend, I had another spanko friend of mine throw up indicators that they were ready to end it all. 

My friends, from my personal experience, and from listening to others, there is a way to fight those feelings, and a way to drive on into a happier life.  It may take time, and it may take a lot of effort, but suicide can be beaten.  Please do not give up hope on this world.  Yes, things in life might be really shitty, you’re going through relationship problems, financial problems, work problems, kid problems, marital problems etc, etc, etc.  There is nothing…absolutely NOTHING so bad that the only way to solve your problem is to not exist anymore.

I’ve gone through some really tough times the past few months, that is also a huge reason why I haven’t posted as much as I would like.  One thing I learned about going through several life-changing issues at once, is there is always tomorrow.  No matter what happens to you, life still continues and goes on.  In 9 out of 10 situations, there is always a way to keep moving on to a road where you can finally find happiness and peace within yourself. 

I sincerely hope that my words have gotten through to someone today.  If you are out there and having problems and need someone to talk to, please, send me a message and let’s talk.  I promise you, talking to someone who will actually listen and understand is a huge help.  If talking to someone doesn’t help, seeing a doctor may be a good idea for you.  There is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about asking for help, trust me, I found that out in the last few months and I’ve had a lot of different support, especially from my doctor.  The only thing that won’t work, is to do nothing.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and like I said, hopefully I reached out to someone, or made some of you take a moment to think about this.  I will now return you to your regularly scheduled spanking blog and I hope that you enjoy some great upcoming posts.  Take care everybody and have a great rest of your Monday!