So here we come to the topic that is not as controversial as bruises, however it does start a few debates in the Spanko World, and that is…tears.

What do you think about tears during or after a spanking?  From a spankers point of view, are tears an indicator that your point has been driven home, or perhaps an indication that you went too far?  And spankees, are tears a release for you?  Are you embarrassed when the flood gates open?

I can tell you as a fan of all things spanking that I personally love seeing a spanking produce tears.  I firmly believe that once the tears start flowing, you really hit an emotional nerve with the spankee.  A lot of people ask how can you cry from a spanking?  Most spankees can be spanked long and hard til they are covered in welts and bruises and never shed a tear.  It isn’t until the spanker gets into the head of the spankee that I think is the key to starting those waterworks.

Tell me your opinion on the subject, do you like seeing tears?  Do you feel better after a good cry?  I love hearing from you all.


  1. Hi Jon,

    I cried the first time Dana spanked me. All I had to do was think of my late husband and the tears came. I had some tears this last time, but not what I would call a catharsis. I don’t cry often and once I tried to force it and that did not work at all. I don’t do that anymore. If it comes, it comes.

    I know one top who considers tears a gift, especially from a bottom who is a relatively hard player.

    I don’t think the tears come from the pain, though I suppose there could be some cases where it does. For me it is more of a therapeutic thing than anything else. Besides that, it takes that spanking pain to relieve my fibromyalgia pain. This is not unusual. Other spankos and BDSM types who have fibro will tell you that it works that way. It is the subspace that does it. And tears can be another side of subspace.


    1. I totally agree Bobbie Jo! Thanks again for the comment as always. I definitely agree that the spanker has to get into the spankees head in order for the tears to flow, at least most of the time. I know when I’m getting spanked, I can be wailed on til I’m bruised but not make a sound, but if the spanker is scolding me during a lighter spanking and really gets through to me, then I definitely start welling up with tears.


      1. Even though Dana is mostly a disciplinarian, I don’t see her for that. There isn’t any scolding going on because I do not handle that well at all. I just get angry. :-) I may be a bottom, but I am not a sub! I’m toying with becoming a switch. I would have to be taught how and I know who to have teach me. LOL

        Here is something funny. The first time I met Dana, we had started the session and I was blabbing away and all at once, she gave me one hard whack. I immediately responded with “Ow!” She said, “I know how to get your attention.” I replied, “No kidding!”

      2. Ha, that’s awesome! I really like how you explained the difference between a bottom and a sub. Perhaps you may be a switch after all. Good luck on finding that out!

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