Busy Little Bee

So I guess you all thought that I disappeared again and left you hanging?  Never fear, I’m right here (wow, I rhymed).  Anyways, I know it’s been way too long since I last posted but I will assure you that my lack of posting is not due to my lack of interest in this blog.  In fact, this is one of the few things that I do that I truly love doing that keeps me sane through all of this madness going on in my world right now.  Work has been absolutely draining for me lately, and what is making it worse is that I’m the only supervisor in the office, leaving me with 15 subordinates to look after…ugh!  I feel like I’ve been running around like a headless chicken the last month or two and there have been 5 little words that I’ve been repeating in my head over and over as of late:

I really need a vacation!

Ok, I guess my little rant is over for now.  Enough about me, what is going on in everyone else’s world?  Did anyone give or receive a hot and stinging butt during this warm summer?  I know I did plenty of times, and they may be the subject of new stories that I will be writing soon, so stay tuned for those.  I really need to sit down and start writing again, I really miss it and I forget how much of a stress reliever it can be.

If any of you are interested, I started a Fetlife profile in order to meet new people and make new friends while I branch out and network with others in the spanking industry.  If you’re a spanking video producer or a spanking model, I would love a chance to do some more interviews like I did with Miss Dana Specht.  Look for me on Fetlife under JonWelts.

Thanks for those readers out there that have been with me from the beginning and have hung in there.  I know how frustrating it is to find a decent blog only to wait forever for them to update it.  I sincerely promise that I will not leave you guys hanging from now on and will at least let you know that I’m still alive if I can’t make a really long post.

Happy Spankings!


  1. Hi Jon. Good to hear from you again. Last Friday I had a great session with Dana Specht. She figured it was the best one yet. I hope some day you will be able to see her.

    I will check out your profile on FL and add you as a friend. Hang in there. Life is tough sometimes. Spanking helps me in many ways. :-)


    1. Hey Bobbie Jo! Glad to see you still enjoy my little blog here and that’s so awesome you got to spend time with Dana! Sounds like you had a great time! Hopefully talk more soon!


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