Ah, the good old days…

Does anybody remember when advertisements used to have spankings in them like this one?  Where in the world is stuff like this today?

Also thinking that the show “Mad Men” needs to have an episode on this topic…what do you think?

I hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday.  Mine was….okay.  I found out that my 15 days of leave were cancelled and that I have two 24 hour shifts next week, but I also am a couple of hours away from going to see my first movie in theaters in about 2 years.  I’m going to see “The Dark Knight Rises” and I’m a huge (and I mean HUGE) Batman fan so I can’t wait to see how they wrap up this trilogy.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention…guess who got spanked last night?  Yup, this guy did.  I had to take 20 strokes with a paddle in the diaper position for having a snotty attitude the other day after coming home from the gym.  Yeah, I guess I deserved it, but damn, that position makes everything hurt so much more!

Hope to see you all again soon.  Take care!

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