Thought For The Day: Fifty Shades of Grey

With it’s 10 millionth copy being sold this month, I’m sure everyone is well aware of the bestselling novel “Fifty Shades of Grey” by E.L. James.  If you are living under a rock and never heard of this book or the subsequent sequels (such as your author), then I highly recommend you run to your nearest bookstore and pick up your own copy.

As mentioned before, I’m trying to become a writer with the goal of maybe one day writing and publishing a novel. What type of novel and what type of genre I will be writing about I’m not quite sure yet, but I do know that I love writing spanking or erotic fiction.  Maybe it’s from reading a lot of spanking stories, but those types of storeis just come natural to me when I start putting thoughts down onto paper (or onto Word).

It wasn’t until I came back from Afghanistan 2 months ago, that I heard about these stories and the enormous popularity it has received.  Every one of my lifestyle friends seem to have read the books and it took me awhile to realize that the book was actually BDSM related.  I decided that it seemed like it was a good read over the summer, since I am a slow reader, and so I picked up my own copy.  I am only about 200 pages into the first book so far and I have to say, I am pretty impressed with this story. There is still plenty of it to go of course and it could end up really good or really bad, but I do love what I’ve read so far.  I’ll give you my mini-review on what I’ve read and hopefully you go out and buy your own copy and experience it for yourself.

So if you don’t know about the making of the story, it was written by a woman in the UK who decided to pursue her dream of writing a novel and published these 3 books.  Sounds like a pretty good rags to riches story (a la Harry Potter), and I really do love hearing of stories like that.  What most don’t know is that the story was originally meant to be a fan-fiction story based on the Twighlight series. While I’ve never read that series myself (only watched the first movie), I can see how the two can be very similar. Copied or not, I felt this story has its own uniqueness to it and I don’t think it has anything to do with the Twighlight series, and especially Vampires.  The story is about a nerdy and clutzy college student who grabs the attention of a young billionare with a “dark secret”, this dark secret of his being that he’s a Dominant in search of an obediant submissive. They end up starting this very physical affair with a heavy emphasis on D/s.

Like I said, I’m not even half-way through the first book but I am really liking this story so far.  I love the billionare Dominant, Christian Grey, and I find myself really drawn to his character.  I honestly believe that him and I are very similiar in a lot of ways, especially when I feel in a Dominant mood.  When I want the control, I want and seek complete control, as does Mr. Grey.  I love the whole billionare lifestyle thing going on too. There are a lot of things to love about this story and I don’t know what it is yet, but there is something about it that keeps me glued to the pages and holds me in suspense, dying to know what happens next.

Although with that being said, there are some things that I don’t like about the book so far.  For one, while the storyline is really awesome, I really cannot see this happening here in real life.  Think of it this way, if you’re a billionare CEO with all of this responsibility, would you really bother to take the time and energy to seduce a nerdy college student?  I know that sounds very un-romanctic, but I’m just trying to be real here folks.  I know if I was a good-looking billionare, I would be trying to get in the pants of another good-looking billionare.  Another big issue I have with this book is the writing…wait, did he just say he doesn’t like the writing? Why yes, yes I did, and here’s why.  The author uses the same phrases and descriptions over and over and over and over again…Holy crap!  See what I mean? Instead of coming up with new ideas on how to describe a similiar feeling or situation, the author chose instead to just repeat the same feeling and situation in almost every chapter of the book.  I almost had to stop and wonder if I accidentally went back a few pages because I thought I was reading the exact same passages.  Okay, so these are minor hiccups for this story, but don’t let that dissuade you from this really amazing book.

Another awesome piece of information I recently found out is Universal Studios recently announced they have bought the film rights for the “Fifty Shades Trilogy” and the rumor mills are starting on who is going to be cast for the movies.  While I’m not exactly sure on who should play the part of the main character Anastasia Steele, I do have my own idea on who should play the billionaire Christian Grey, and that is Chris Pine of “Star Trek” and “This Means War” fame.  He’s got the hair, the attitude, and the piercing eyes that would make an awesome Christian Grey. I heard that he was asked in an interview if he was interested in the role.  He replied that he hasn’t had a chance to read the books yet, but he may be interested in playing the part of the dark billionaire.

The bottom line is, you have to read this book.  It is a great read, with a very engrossing story that keeps you turning the pages.  I really hope that you find a story that is more awesome than this watch.  Stay tuned for more awesome spanking content.  Cya around and happy spankings!

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