Red Bubble Butt of the Week

Hey friends, just saying hi before I go to bed and thought I would share with you another yummy looking bottom, only this time with a shade of red. :)

Time is moving very fast now, almost too fast for comfort.  I feel like I still have months here in the stan when really I can start counting on two hands!  To top it all off, I’m getting promoted today (and no, it really isn’t an April Fool’s Joke!).  I’m joining the NCO Corps and becoming a Sergeant, something I’ve been striving to reach for a very long time.  I’m so proud of this achievement, I just had to share with all the rest of you! :)

So in closing, enjoy this April Fool’s day!  It only comes once a year and have fun with it.  Hopefully the naughty ones in your life (or if you’re the naughty one yourself), doesn’t get you with a good prank today!  We all know what the consequences of that might be.  Take the picture below as a sample!  Have a great day everyone!