Cornertime Pic of the Week: 3/19/12

Hey fellow spankos, been a crazy week here for me, as I’m one week closer to coming home to the good-ole USA!  To say things have been hectic and stressful lately is a bit of an understatement.  Unfortunately, this has led me to put blogging about this favorite subject of ours on a lower priority level, but let me assure you, I wish it wasn’t so! 

Onto today’s topic, so who doesn’t like seeing a red bottom on display in cornertime?  I know I do, and I know a lot of other folks do as well.  I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s seeing the results of a well spanked bottom and knowing that person who just got spanked is more than likely one very sore girl or boy?  Maybe it’s seeing the different positions and different places cornertime can be performed?  Either way, I’m a huge fan of cornertime shots and I could fill my entire blog full of them, so I decided to make it a weekly posting. 

I really like this shot, not only because of the vintage nature to it, but also because I love the PJs!  Also this girl has a really nice bottom which looks like it just took a pretty good caning.  So what are your thoughts, do you like cornertime pictures too?

Oh, and speaking of cornertime shots.  I have several shots of me in the corner after a good spanking as well.  Is anyone interested in seeing these?  Hope everyone enjoy’s their weekend, and happy spankings!