Spanking Games

Do you remember when you were a still a kid and you would always hang out with your friends on the block?  Did you ever get so bored that you started to play spanking games?  I remember I did frequently while growing up, and I still remember those were some really good childhood memories.  When going out to have fun and playing games was really fun. 

I’m sure a lot of you played house while growing up.  Were you the mommy or daddy?  Or were you one of the children that always tried to make hell for the mother and father?  Heh, I remember I was always the latter and once in a while, not always though, I would remember getting swatted and “sent to my room” aka to the other side of the sandbox!

When I moved on in years and became a teen in high school, I would occasionally try to find fun games to play where spanking could be incorporated and then try to have my friends play along.  Our favorite seemed to be playing pool out in my buddies’ garage and whenever the game ended, the winner would end up paddling the loser with a homemade paddle.  Usually there was no more than 5-10 swats, but of course we always tried to make them hurt as much as possible! :)

Nowadays there are a lot of really fun games to try to add some spanking fun to it.  I think the best thing out there right now is Spankopoly, available from ToddnSusy over at the American Spanking Society.

While I haven’t had a chance to play it yet, it has definitely been on my wish list for a while.  Has anyone else had a chance to play it?  What was your experience?

To wrap this up, I thought I would share with you a fun clip of a spanking game of rock, paper, scissors I found on DailyMotion.  The spanking at the end isn’t all that great, but it’s obvious these girls aren’t regulars in the spanko world.  Still, it’s a fun clip and maybe it will inspire some people to play a game tonight or this weekend perhaps?  Hope you all enjoy and remember to have fun out there!  Happy spankings!


  1. looking for the spankolopy game but amercanspankingsocity can not be found do you anyplace else that the game can found I have a picture of the game board but not the cards our group would love to play the game


    1. I’ll be honest I’m not sure if the game is still available, it’s been several years since I looked it up but I just remember how unique and interesting it was. If there is another similar game out there, I would love to find one!


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