Bubble Butt of the Week: 3/15/2012

What’s up my spanko peeps?  Everyone enjoying their week?  I know I am because mine is almost over.  Tomorrow I work 6 hours instead of my usual 12 so it will be an “off”  day for me.  I really can’t wait!  A chance to catch up on my writing and also on my sleep!  Best thing about all of this is the fact that I’m going to be going home a month from now!!!  Can you tell I am a little excited?  I wonder what the real world is going to feel like when I get back.  For example, I was wondering if I should invest in a new tablet, a Kindle Fire or a Nook.  One of my coworkers let me borrow theirs for the day and let me check it out…I thought I was playing with something out of a science fiction movie!  It’s amazing how much changes in the matter of a year.  Although granted, tablets were out before I left, but they weren’t an everyday household item like they seem to be today.  I wonder what else has changed?

Well, I know what hasn’t changed, and that is a woman with a gorgeous looking bubble butt just waiting to be spanked!  And on that note, I give you this awesome picture of the bubble butt of the week.  Enjoy!

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