More Interesting Spankings on the Web: 3/13/2012

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  I guess I did…I can’t wait to come home to the US and rediscover what an actual weekend is, which will actually be pretty soon.  I’ll try to keep you all updated, but during the transition phase, it’s pretty hard to find an internet connection, and even harder to find enough privacy to update something such as a spanking blog.  I’ll try my best though, so please be patient and stay tuned during that time!

Anyways, onto today’s topic, more cool spanking stuff found on the web.  You have to admit, it’s really not all that hard to find good quality spanking content nowadays, especially compared to when I was growing up when the net first came out (yes, I was a die-hard little spanko back then too).

I thought I’d share some nice video clips that I’ve found on youtube and dailymotion, another cool video site that I recently discovered.  Of course I would post to some really cool stuff on sites like, however, this internet over here really bites and blocks a lot of “adult” content.  Again as before, I’m having a tough time embeding videos into my blog, I don’t know if it’s because of my slow internet over here in the stan or what.  If anyone has any tips on how to embed videos so that you can watch them from the blog, I would really appreciate that!

First up is a great, short spanking clip I found on Dailymotion.  What I really like about this clip is that it’s a straight to the point, no-nonsense, good old-fashioned, punishment spanking.  The woman getting spanked is very cute (love the pjs!) and her little squeals and crying just tugs at your heart strings.  Wish I knew more about this video.

This second video is a classic schoolgirl clip.  Cute girls with cute bottoms, getting a pretty decent spanking.  What I like about this one is the exchanges between the two schoolgirls and the headmaster.  Enjoy.

What I like about this next clip is not only the high quality of the video, but of all the struggling this woman does while getting spanked.  While not overly hard, I like the reactions.  Kind of makes me wonder if she was new to getting spanked.

To wrap things up, check out these great pictures that my cousin Sarah Gregory recently emailed me.  These are from her recent fetish shoots in New York.  Isn’t she so beautiful?  I think the best thing about (besides her all-around awesomeness of course), is her great expressions of pain as seen below.  Hope you enjoy and see you around next time.  Happy spankings!