New Poll: What else do you give/receive besides spankings?

Hey friends, hope everyone is doing well.  Anybody ready for the weekend yet?

So I have a new poll for you guys today.  Another question I’ve been curious about with my readers (people actually read this stuff, right?), and it’s a question that I always get various answers to.  This question mostly applies to people who engage in spanking as a discipline and punishment tool on a fairly regular basis but this also applies to people who still may be searching for such a relationship.

The question is: What other disciplinary method or punishment tool do you use or have used on you other than spanking? 

I do find it interesting how people can come up with very creative punishments that still fit the crime.  If you’d like to share some creative ideas, I would love to hear them, so drop me a comment!

As for me, I’ve received all of those on the list; cornertime, mouthsoaping, writing lines and essays and even a few other creative punishments once in awhile.  While they don’t happen all the time, it does add something to the discipline when one has behaved especially naughty!

Here we have Katee Calloway providing an example, and portraying how your author (your’s truly) may look when he’s landed himself in extra hot water!


Have fun with this friends and don’t forget to vote. :)