Interesting Spanking Pic Of The Week

Hello my spanko friends, have you ever been surfing the net for some decent spanking content and you come across something that’s truly unique and different?

That’s exactly what I was doing a few mins ago trying to find a topic to blog about today.  Instead, what I came across was this interesting picture that made me stop and just say “Hmm, you don’t see that everyday!”

Tell me what you think…

Now that's what I call a "Pubic Spanking"!

Now, I wonder how this poor girl got into such a situation where she had to bend over to take a good spanking right there in the mall!

And someone please tell me which mall has a store that sells implements like that?  I don’t know if I would stay away from it or run to it and see what I could find…perhaps both!

Hope you enjoyed this little “oddity” I found, let me know what you think about it.  Send me a comment.

Have fun out there and remember to behave the next time you’re out shopping at the mall!

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