Almost going home!

Well, it’s been a very busy few days out here in Afghanistan and today has been no exception.  Although instead of the recent unfortunate events, this time being busy isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

I’m just over 30 days from going home back to the US, hopefully for good this time.  And although I’m ecstatic to be able to go home, the road to getting there is pretty tough.  Tonight I’m about to go to bed and then wake up at 2 my time to go into work and do a customs inspection and drop off of one of my bags of clothes and equipment.  This bag is being shipped off early into a shipping container and then being loaded onto a large cargo ship for a slow ride home.  I hope I didn’t pack anything too important, I don’t believe I did.  Anyways, it does suck just a little that I have to get up right in the middle of my sleep schedule to do things like this, however, I think I can get over it just this once hehe.

I hope everyone out there is doing well.  I hope to post a sizeable blog post in the future when all this craziness calms down.  For now, enjoy this picture of my favorite two ladies in spanking, my Aunt Dana Specht and my cousin Sarah Gregory.  Have a good night everyone!

My Aunt Dana giving my adorable cousin Sarah the love she needs! (Photo courtesy of