Thoughts For The Day: 02/25/2012

Hi again spanko friends, just thought I’d check in before heading off to bed for some much-needed sleep.  As you can imagine, things are still really hectic and busy over here in the land of the Afghans, and hopefully things will settle down enough to create a decent blog post for you guys and gals.

So yesterday was my “off” day meaning that I only work 6 hours a day instead of the usual 12-14 to rest and have time to catch up on sleep or other personal things going on.  Well that was nice in theory, but there was to be none of that for me.  I work the night shift here in Afghanistan meaning that its basically the same as working the day shift back in the states, so I like being on everybody’s normal schedule.  I will email or message people and tell them “good morning” and usually get a response like “thanks, but isn’t it the night-time over there?” Yup sure is, however, its morning to you and since I just woke up from sleeping during the daytime here, it’s morning for me as well…so ha! :)

Back to my fantabulous day, I got off work at 2am and then had to be back at work at 5am to pull “road guard” at an intersection on the main road on base.  I had to stand there with a reflective belt on and holding a cone-shaped flashlight which actually reminded me of a mini-star wars lightsaber (yes, I know I’m a nerd, but aren’t we all?!)

Standing there for 2 hours wasn’t all that big of a deal, but what WAS a big deal was the fact that it was 12 degrees outside!  See, I’m from California, northern California to be precise, and honestly there’s no such thing as 12 degrees where I’m from.  It’s “cold” when it gets below 50 in Sacramento, so of course I “thought” I dressed warm enough for the occassion…but I “thought” wrong.  I was wearing a t-shirt, thermal sweater, uniform jacket, uniform pants and boots, a fleece jacket, a beanie, a Shemagh (a type of Afghan scarf), and thick winter gloves.  So how could that not be enough?  By the end of the first hour I couldn’t feel my fingertips and toes, by an hour and a half I couldn’t feel my face and was speaking with a lisp (quite funny actually), and by the end of the second hour my toes and my joints felt like they were frozen solid and numb.  I could barely walk around without feeling totally weird.

I went to grab some breakfast after it was over and it felt good to sit down and warm up with some warm food but I was still pretty chilled.  Even going back to my room it took me another 2 hours to warm up under my blanket.  Then of course I had to go back out because I forgot I had to go get a haircut, get a new ID card (because mine expired last month) and go to the shop to grab an energy drink or something for the next shift. I got all that accomplished in less than 90 mins and thought I made some pretty good time.  I finally got my camera working over here so I decided to finally do what I’ve been wanting to do since I got here and take some pictures of the beautiful mountains that we are surrounded by.  I’ll post them below and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

There was my crazy “off” day for you and while I was able to take care of some things, I totally didn’t get a chance to do what I’ve been waiting for a week now to do, and that’s to sleep!  With all the riots and stuff going on this week it definitely wore me down and out and I was really looking forward to catching up.  Nope, not this guy, oh well, better luck next week eh?

Ok, now that I got a chance to vent that out the way, let’s talk some spanking shall we?  In upcoming posts I’m going to be sharing my favorite types of implements and positions with you and see what your favorites are as well.  Also, what are some of the techniques you’ve used before for discipline, or to be disciplined?  Things such as cornertime, mouthsoaping, writing lines are always classical favorites, but I wonder if anyone out there has some truly unique ideas?

I’ll be sharing with you my views on those subjects and more on upcoming posts but for now I think it’s time to finally wind down for bed so I can get up and do this craziness all over again.  Since it’s Saturday afternoon here that means it’s early Saturday morning back in the states.  I hope everyone enjoys the hell out of their weekend and go party it up for me will ya?  I’ll be joining you soon enough! 

Cya all soon, enjoy these random pics I snapped while running errands around base yesterday.  Later friends!