Crazy Things Going on

Hey friends, hope everyone is doing well and having a good week.  I wish I could say the same, this has been a pretty difficult and trying week for me and unfortunately I think it will only get worse for a while before it starts to get any better.

For those that don’t know, I’m a soldier deployed in Afghanistan, and to say the least, things are not going well right now.  The whole Qur’an burning incident took place about a mile from where I write this to you.  All  the angry protests you’re seeing at that base on the news?  It’s literally right down the street from me, less than a quarter mile away. 

I’m doing alright, but things have been pretty stressful and strenuous as of late.  All the local workers have either not shown up for work or quit altogether so a lot of the services here on base have been shut down, this includes the bathroom facilities and showers since the local workers aren’t here to add more.  Also, all the local bazzars and shops are closed down, the dining facilities are barely operational, this place seems like it has done a complete 180 almost overnight. 

Today will be my time off for the week (I’ll be working 6 hours instead of the usual 12-14) so it will be a good time to work on some more writing, update my blog for you guys and catch up on some much needed sleep.  Right now though, it’s time to get ready for work and hopefully find out that nothing even crazier happened today while I was sleeping.  Hope everyone enjoys their day.

To give you an idea of how close the riots are to me, I’m including a picture I snapped outside of my room of a blackhawk helicopter circling the group of protesters.  Hopefully I can send some more pictures of me out here soon although have to be careful with security concerns and all.  Anyways, hope everybody has a great day and I’ll be back soon.

Helicopter circling the gathering crowds outside the base. Taken from right outside my room.



    1. Hey, thanks Bobbie Jo! Yes, a little too close for comfort but I’m hanging in there right now. Things are going well so far but they’re saying the worse is yet to come so we’ll see what happens. Hope you’re having a good day.


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