A Special Gift From Dana Specht and Sarah Gregory

It’s not often that you meet someone and instantly become very close to that person in a way it makes you feel like that you’ve known them for your whole life.  However, this is exactly what it feels like to me when I had the pleasure of talking to Dana Specht and her naughty, but awesome, daughter Sarah Gregory.

Right before I started this blog, I decided to email some of the big names in spanking to just introduce myself and wonder if they would be interested in adding another spanking blog to their links.  One of the first people I emailed was Dana Specht, someone who I always looked up to and was inspired by her great content over the years, she’s also known on some websites as “The Queen of Discipline”.  I sent her a nervous introductory email and honestly didn’t think I would get much back.  The next day I found out that not only did she reply but she thought it was extremely awesome that I was a soldier and still trying to participate in the spanking community.  That really made me feel good so we kept up a dialogue for a few weeks and needless to say we hit it off pretty well and became pretty good friends.

When Dana’s daughter Sarah Gregory came to visit her this past week I actually had a chance to email with Sarah few times as well.  I’ve always been a huge fan of hers, and I remember seeing her on the site “Punished Brats” back in 2006 thinking that she was going to be someone very special in the community if she kept this up.  Several years later, and Sarah is perhaps one of the most talented and hardest working spanking stars and models out there.  Not only making appearances on some of the biggest spanking sites, but also running her own site “Sarah Gregory Spanking” which I think is quickly becoming one of the best sites out there for high quality spanking content.

So today, I received an email from my Aunt Dana (she even accepted me as her little nephew, so sweet!) that was titled “For Our Favorite Soldier” I smiled as I opened up the email and was amazed to see pictures of Dana and Sarah posing next to a “Support Our Troops” sign which appears to be in Dana’s back yard.  I thought it was extremely special and made me smile big and feel good today.  It was a good thing too because with everything going on lately here in The Stan, I’ve been stressed out to the max, and haven’t been able to smile much.

I thought I would share these pictures with you all and tell you how thankful I am to have support back home from wonderful people such as Dana and Sarah.  Been truly blessed to be able to know them and thank you again ladies for making a soldier smile today! :)


  1. Wow, thanks for the super sweet and kind words. Glad you liked the photos that Momma and I did for you. I am praying for you and wish you a safe return home to hopefully meet someday. Love, Sarah


    1. Hey Sarah, thanks for the comment and glad you liked the post. Thanks so much for your prayers and support and I too can’t wait to meet you someday, it will be a blast! Have an awesome day and take care of yourself. Your friend, Jon


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