My First Story! Chris and Jen part 1: Just Another Day

Hi again Spanko World!  As promised, here is my very first spanking short story. I’m pretty proud of it and any comments, suggestions, or feedback is welcome.  I will be doing more chapters for this series so stayed tuned and I hope you enjoy!

Chris and Jen: Just Another Day

By: Jon Welts

This is the story of a young married couple who do things a little bit differently. They aren’t “crazy” or “weird”, or have some sort of mental condition as some “normal people” might claim. No dear reader, this is just another average cute-looking, average hard-working, average money-making, average rule-following…just plain average couple searching for their “happily ever after” like everyone else in this average world. Although they happen to do some things a little bit different from what the so-called “average” couple might do, it works for them. In the end, that’s all that matters right?

This is their story. This is the story of Chris and Jen.

Part 1: Just Another Day

My name is Chris Noles, and I have to say, I’m a pretty lucky guy.

I’m 25 years old, fresh out of the US Army after a 7 year commitment serving my great country. As a “two-war veteran” of Iraq and Afghanistan, life has finally started to settle for me and the pieces that I’ve been searching for in life for the last several years are just now falling into place. I have a great job working for a global aviation company in Seattle as a business analyst, and my wife Jen and I are about to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. I just bought my dream car (a brand new Silver Dodge that I’ve been dreaming of since learning how to drive in high school), and with my G.I. Bill, benefits from work and with a nice nest egg in the bank, Jen and I are doing pretty well off. Yep, a lucky guy indeed.

It’s a Friday night and I had a chance to get out of work early tonight to meet Jen for dinner at our favorite restaurant. Same time, same place, every week. Boring you might say? Not when you have a special woman like Jen who you can sit with and talk to for hours over a plate of Tortellini Alfredo and some wine while enjoying each other’s company. Why mess with a good thing? It’s also a chance for Jen and I to “catch up” with each other after our busy weeks. I have my job that keeps me pretty busy most days and sometimes way past closing time, and Jen is a part-time personal assistant at a legal office downtown and a part-time entrepeneur making and selling various things like custom soap, crafts, and other various things she can come up with. She’s always “on” and always has new ideas about things to make and new ways to sell them. It almost always leaves me with my head spinning, but I am so proud of her!

Walking out to the parking lot, I’ve begun to notice that winter has finally appeared and it looks like it’s going to stay this time. I shiver slightly as I button up my jacket and smile as I remind myself that this was nothing compared to that cold and snowy winter up in the mountains of Afghanistan. As I near my prized Dodge, I take a moment to breathe in the cool air and let it all in for a while, what a great way to start the weekend. I’m definitely a “stop and smell the roses” kinda guy, and after the last few years of uncertainty, I don’t take anything for granted anymore. Although enjoying the little things in life does take some time and often gets me into some hot water, be it at work, or even worse…with Jen!

Speaking of Jen, again I let my “moment” make me forget about my important date with my lovely wife. I’m sure she’s already left the office and is probably nearly there by now. I slide into the leather seat, start-up that big V8 engine, and carefully pull out of the parking lot making my way downtown. As I start driving away, I start to go over a mental checklist in my head to see if I forgot anything back at my desk. I’ve always had this habit of forgetting something silly, like my lunch box in the refrigerator that Jen always makes for me every morning before work. Damn, did I forget that thing again? I start to wonder and slowly start to panic as I look around the car and realize that no lunch box is to be seen. Ugh! I’m definitely going to hear about this one later. While I absolutely adore my wife of 5 years, she can be pretty upset over forgetting something so simple as a lunch box.

In our household, when one of us does something we shouldn’t have, and get called out on it, we get in trouble…we get punished. But surely you don’t mean punished as in like a spanking? That would just be silly to have two adults spanking each other like a parent spanking a disobedient child…right? How in the world could the person being spanked even allow it to happen in the first place? Well, it’s very simple actually. It’s called love and trust. It’s a close, special bond that we hold dear to our hearts that we find very unique and extraordinary.

I pull into the tiny parking lot at our favorite restaurant, a little family owned and operated Italian joint with some of the best pizza and pasta around. I was wondering if Jen already arrived, I didn’t want to upset her more so than she already would be because I know I would be in trouble already for the darn lunch box. I felt excited, yet defeated when I spotted her from across the room already seated at our usual spot, wine already ordered of course. Ugh, how did she beat me here? She better not have been driving like a maniac again! I’ve already had to put her over my knee three times this year about driving recklessly and once for receiving a red light ticket! Ooo, that one really got my blood boiling, she knows better than that.

Strolling across the room, she looks up and catches my eye, giving me a warm smile, the kind she gave me when I came home from Iraq and Afghanistan…ahhh, that smile never gets old, and I return her warm smile with one of my own. I get to the table and lean down to give her a kiss on the cheek.

“Is this seat taken ma’am?” I ask jokingly and she lets out a soft giggle and gives me that look. That look that says that I better be careful or else I’m in for a wild night tonight. She is definitely in a spunky mood, and I wonder if it’s the wine or if something else has happened to make her feel so good. Surely it couldn’t be her boring husband of 5 years like myself, you would think after all this time she would have gotten tired of me.

“Well mister, whatever your move is you better make it fast, I’m expecting my husband here any second.” she says with a cute and mischievous smile across her face. I love it when she is playful like this, the weekend is definitely starting off on the right foot. Maybe it can only get better from here!

I take a seat opposite her and lean in close, “Well if I may m’lady, you are certainly a very striking woman, was wondering if I could take you out to dinner sometime?” I take her hand in mine and give it a loving squeeze. She looks at me with that wicked grin of hers and she knows she has to keep this up now.

“And why would I want to go out to dinner with the likes of you? What made you earn the right?” Ah, she/s getting a little feisty now. Yes, the wine is definitely helping here, this could work out in my favor tonight!

“Oh because, I know that you’re married to this boring loser of a guy and I think that I can make you so much happier. What do you say? Grab some dinner? Maybe a movie? See how things go from there? Probably get married in a few months, so how bout it?” I turn up my charm factor and give her a smooth “wink”. She tries not to laugh out loud.

“Oh really now, I think you got me figured all wrong mister, and I definitely don’t appreciate you sassing me.” She says as she folds her arms and gives me “The Look”. You know, that look that says “keep testing me, see what happens”? Jen is the Master (or would that be Mistress?) of that look, and she really know what to say and how to say it to really get me shifting in my seat and biting my lip.

Feeling in a rare and daring mood tonight, I try to test my luck and see how it goes, knowing that she loves a good witty battle, however, I am nowhere near as good with the comebacks as she is, therefore its a longtime losing battle that I know I will never win.

“Oh yeah? And what if I wanna keep sassing you? What are YOU gonna do about it?”

I flash a daring, wicked smile her way and she sees it. Knowing I’m screwed, I just sit and wait for whatever clever remark she has for me.

I see a hint of a smile grow across her face and eyes of steel staring me down as she leans in and gives me a peek down the blouse of the navy blue, business suit she’s wearing. She knows what she’s doing, and by now she knows that I can’t resist the temptation to look. I take a long, lingering look down to her nice cleavage that I’ve always admired., then look back into her eyes and see them glaring back at me. I know I’ve hit a nerve now and what happens next I know wont be pleasant for me, and probably not going to be pleasant for my bottom later!

“Well then young man, I guess I’ll just have to take you back to my place and teach you a lesson about manners and how to treat a lady while over my knee getting a good bare bottom spanking”.

My eyes widen as I suddenly snap back to reality and realize that we are still in a crowded restaurant. I start to blush wondering about who might have overheard our little exchange. To the casual listener, they might be getting the wrong idea right about now and asking for the check.

Defeated, per usual, I give her a warm smile and lean in to meet her half way to give her a nice romantic kiss. Married for 5 years and I still get excited seeing her everyday like I haven’t seen her in months. She kisses me back and we both start giggling like we’re teenagers again over our witty, back and forth, banter. She smiles at me, I smile at her, and I reach across the table to hold her hand, giving it a loving squeeze.

Dinner goes great per usual, we talk about how our day went, even how our week went. We try to see what’s going on this weekend, perhaps try to make some plans. I hear there is a new club opening this weekend. Normally we aren’t the club type of people, but once in a while we like to try something different, keep things fresh. We give it some thought and we’ll see where we end up when the time comes around for it. Imagining her in a sexy little black dress shaking it on a dance floor definitely gets me grinning like a fool. She knows I’m thinking about something naughty and gives me a wink.

We finish dinner and head home in our separate cars. I tell her to drive carefully but of course I always get some smart-ass remark from her usually about wanting to race home. I sigh, shake my head, and give her that defeated smile telling her that I’ll just never win. We get into our cars and make the relatively short trip home.

Home, it’s definitely where the heart is, and Jen and I have been extremely lucky the last few years to be able to live in such a nice place such as this. With Jen doing so well with her business and working part-time, and me with my corporate job, we were able to pull in a nice chunk of change for this modern piece of art. 5 bed, 3 bath, almost 4,000sq feet of heaven in a small, but well-developed suburb outside the city. I’m currently thinking about building a pool out in the backyard, but with all the rain in this city, might not be able to enjoy it. Hmm, a covered pool perhaps? I’ll think on that later.

Jen and I pull in to the double-car garage and exchange a loving kiss as we meet again. We both head upstairs and get changed out of work clothes and into something more comfortable. As I loosen my tie and slide out of my slacks, I take a peek over to Jen as she undresses out of her business suit. She is well put together from head to toe. That is something I really admire about this woman, she really knows how to dress to impress. She removes her navy blue business suit jacket and pencil skirt to reveal a matching, black lace set of bra and panties complete with garter belt and black stockings. She knows garters and stockings really get me going so she lingers for a little while, knowing that she can feel my gaze and pretends to check her hair in the vanity mirror of the attached bathroom. Cold shivers of joy race up my spine and I can’t help but think about what a naughty girl she is. Might have to show just how much of a naughty girl she is later tonight!

Slipping into a sweater and some khakis myself, I get up and make my way over to Jen still messing with her hair. I come up behind her and wrap my hands around her warm, soft body as I lean in to kiss her neck gently. She closes her eyes as she caves and swoons at the kisses and gropes. She turns around to look me into the eyes, those big, beautiful blue eyes of hers are piercing and I can stare into them for hours and get lost as if I’m staring into another galaxy. I brush her long, smooth, black hair with both of my hands and pull her in close for a long, deep and very loving kiss.

We embrace and fondle each other, getting into a very hot and heavy make out session when suddenly, a cell phone rings. Looking at each other, we both roll our eyes and part ways for a second to find each other’s phones. This one is mine and I pick it up to answer.

It’s one of my best buddy’s John and I answer only to tell him to call back later because I’m…busy at the moment. He sounds already wasted and at a bar ordering another round for him and his friends. Great way to start off the weekend, for most, but never really been my thing. I lie and tell him I have another call coming through and abruptly end the call.

Jen is standing in the doorway, leaning against the wall still in her black lingerie, with arms crossed and I can’t tell if she wants to pounce on me or take me out back to the woodshed…perhaps a bit of both, we shall see.

“That was John, he’s already wasted and it’s not even 9 yet.”

“Oh I could tell, so what are you so busy doing at the moment that you couldn’t talk to your friend?” she asks me as if any answer I give her will be the wrong one, which would land me in more hot water. Oh, she’s really good at playing this game by now.

“You want me to show you?” Trying to kick up my suave, cool, moves sometimes has its payoff. I’m sure this time it has worked.

She starts moving towards me slowly with a naughty grin spreading across her face and I can’t help but break into a smile myself. As she gets near, I reach out towards her and grab her by the wrist. The expression on her face goes from lustful predator, to helpless prey as I begin to lead her over to the bed. She at first tries to protest, but she knows in the end it wouldn’t do any good, plus, even though she was taken off guard, she knows she’s been wanting this all night. I sit down on the bed and pull her over my knee, as she lands the front half of her body onto the bed, while throwing her legs into the air in a futile attempt to struggle.

“Owww, hey! What’s this for?” she cries out, trying to sound dramatic. She knows that I have a soft spot for a damsel in distress and will go easy on her in a moment of weakness. Damn her for knowing me so well!

“You know exactly what this is for young lady. You’ve been trying to seduce me all night, don’t think I haven’t caught on to your game!” I say in my best John Wayne voice from “McClintock”. Hey, if The Duke can keep Maureen O’Hara in line with a good spanking, then I can too.

I pull her in close to me with my left hand and grip her firmly by the waist. She feels my body so close to hers and she arches her round bottom up to me. The material from her garters and black lace panties stretch tightly across her smooth skin and frame her perfect ass that I’ve had a love affair with for so many years.

I take my hand, trace it up her stockinged legs and gently rub her smooth panty covered globes and start to teasingly scold her.

“Now young lady, anything to say for yourself before we begin?” she starts to squirm across my lap and whimper in frustration as she wants the painful stuff over with so she can get down to more “pleasurable” activities.

She shakes her head meekly and looks back behind her towards me. With a little pout she says in a quiet, innocent voice that almost breaks my heart “no sir, I’m ready”.

With firm resolve, I lift my hand up high and bring it swinging down hard in the middle of her right cheek. Jen yelps at the unexpected surprise and begins to feel the searing heat of my heavy hand. Again I bring my hand up and bring it down even harder than the first, this time on her left cheek. I hear her let out a gasp and she lightly squirms as the swat fully sinks into her nervous system and gets the pain flowing to her head. She whimpers lightly as I begin a steady steam of hard and heavy spanks at a slower than normal pace, alternating each cheek and hitting her in the sweet spot, where her bottom is at its roundest.

Jen bites down hard, gritting her teeth and doing her best to stay in control. She begins to slightly kick her legs and curl her toes in time with the incoming harsh spanks to her panty covered bottom. Her whimpering getting louder as the slow, hard spanks are building into a tremendous heat on her butt.

I pull her in closer as I ramp up the intensity, wanting to break down her resistance to let go of the control and submit to her hubby. Jen often has a hard time giving up the control since that is where she feels safest. But what she doesn’t know until it usually happens, is she slips into an even more safe and comfortable zone once she is broken down by a good hard spanking and clings to me like a child clinging to her safety blanket.

Her whimpering and yelping starts transforming into one long groan and she starts breathing heavily and choking back the urge to burst into tears. I can tell she is very close to this point as my hand keeps falling rapidly over and over on her round bottom cheeks as hard as I can bring it down. She’s now kicking her feet back and forth, and her hips start to wiggle back and forth over my lap as she hopelessly fights hard to keep from crying.

Knowing that she’s close but still in control inside her head, I stop and try to get into her head just that little bit more. I reach into the waistband of her panties and begin to lower them, showing a beautiful, and angry red, bare bottom. I hear her start to protest like a child and her squirming becomes more forceful. I reach out and grab her by the wrist and pin it to the small of her back as I finish yanking down her panties to her mid-thigh. Admiring my handiwork, I look at her glowing bare butt and decide that it still needs a few deeper shades of red.

I begin again without warning and this time I spank her even harder, working my way downwards onto her sit spots and upper thighs. The pain is finally overwhelming as the harsh spanks hit the tender flesh where bottom meets thigh and she yells out, thrashing across my lap as she begins to accept her fate.

It only takes a few more sharp, stinging spankings to her thighs when it happens. Hearing her whimpering and groaning, she now takes several deep breaths and suddenly bursts into tears.

Knowing that she has now giving up control, I land some more very hard and very fast spanks to her thighs and middle of her butt. She flails about but is hold down firmly while she starts to sob uncontrollably like a child who just lost a teddy bear.

After several hard spanks to finish up, I lay my hand on her very red bottom and feel the maddening heat build worse than any sunburn I’ve ever felt. I rub her bare butt gently as she cries her eyes out, probably not even aware that I quit spanking her.

As she calms down, I gently lift her up and pull her into a ginormous warm and comforting hug. She wraps her arms around my neck desperately and squeezes me tight as she buries her face into my chest and bawls. She knows she didn’t necessarily do anything wrong, but she definitely knows she needed that spanking. Seeing her at dinner, I noticed a look of stress on her face that I don’t normally see, which is why I took her so far to tears, she knew she needed it, and I knew that I would have had to spank it out of her for her to admit it to me. There is no better way to get rid of stress than to cry it out good and hard.

She clings to me for several mins and cries it out as I hold her close and reach down and rub her glowing red bottom. It’s still very hot to the touch, and probably will be for several hours. I stroke her smooth black hair lovingly and kiss her gently on the forehead. She looks up at me with those beautiful, piercing blue eyes, now flooding with tears and notice that her mascara has been running from her crying and has left 2 big black lines running from her eyes, down her cheeks. She looks at me with a love that I rarely see and I understand completely what she is trying to tell me, without her even saying it. I lean in and whisper in her ear “I know baby, it’s ok…I love you very much”. She looks back at me and bursts into a new batch of tears confirming my previous thoughts that she desperately needed this spanking to get rid of the stress of the week from work.

I rock her gently in my arms for several mins, then she gets up and kisses me deeply. I return the kiss and roll her down onto the bed so that we can lay there and make out for a few mins. After doing that, she has calmed down and stopped crying, although her bottom is still very sore and very red. She climbs on top of me, kisses me some more and gives me a big smile as we start to make passionate love.

As we lay there in bed naked, smiling at each other like fools, sweating after a wild ride between the sheets, I kiss her gently and begin to play with her hair.

“How you doing there my love?” I ask, referring to her burning bare butt.

“I’m sore honey, but I know why you did it…and…and I…”

I cut her off with a kiss and smile at her.

“I know babe, I know. You were stressed out at work again weren’t you? I can easily tell it now, maybe you’re ready to try a new job or something new?”

“I’m not sure, I never really thought about it much. You know I love to work and I love all the extra money/”

I nod and pull her in closer to me for some nice cuddle time.

“True, however, you need to think about yourself once in a while and do what you like to do and give yourself a break. You’re not Superwoman, and it’s alright, I don’t need a Superwoman in my life.”

She smiles at this statement and reaches down under the sheets and pinches my naked butt.

“Oh, I beg to differ young man, I think you really do need a Superwoman around here to take care of you.”

Perhaps, she’s right…ok, she’s dead right. However, I also know when she needs her own brand of justice delivered to her own naughty butt once in a while and I’m more than happy to oblige. It’s a fortunate thing that we have going for us in our relationship. We always look out for each no matter what. It’s a special bond that we reflect through hard spankings and strict discipline in our house.

Looking at each other with stars in our eyes, I can’t help but think about how I’m the luckiest man alive. Good job, great car, great house, and a smoking hot wife with an equally smoking hot red butt right now. I don’t think life can get any better right now.

“Hey honey, did you remember to bring your lunch bag home from work today?”

My eyes widen and I look over to her as red-faced as I know my own bare bottom is about to be and I start to sweat. She gives me…that look.

Okay, so maybe life can be better in one or two ways right now! :)

To Be Continued.

Story Update and Vintage Spanking

Hello there Spanko World, hope everyone is enjoying their day.

  Just wanted to let everyone know that I have just completed my very first spanking short story and I hope to share it with you guys soon.  It took me about a week to write, due to the limited amount of off time I have, and also I wanted to make a story as best as I could make it.  I’m very new to this writing thing, but I’m willing to learn and I heard that there is no better way to learn how to write than to actually write!  I’m in the process of editing the story right now (which is titled, Chris and Jen: Just Another Day), and am looking forward to sharing it with you all and seeing what you think.  The story sets up what will hopefully be a recurring series and I tried to set it up for future chapters and building up the characters a little.  I have to say, I’m pretty proud of this piece of work.

That’s all for right this second, in the meantime, enjoy a couple of these vintage spanking pics that I found while surfing yahoo! images earlier.  Enjoy!