Favorite Spanking Celebrities

Hello Spanko World, hope you all enjoyed your day today, I know I did.

Today, I wanted to talk to you a little bit about the spanking industry and the awesome producers, models, writers, bloggers, etc. 

Now not many of the so-called “celebrities” in the business would call themselves by such a title, because they feel they are just doing what they love to do and all, but to me, when you see someone in this business consistently and overtime you look up to them, they inspire you, and make you want to know more about these individuals, then thats when I start looking at them as celebrities and becoming a big fan.

I’ve been following various people around the spanking industry for years (since about 2004ish, maybe before) and there are some names that have been around for years longer than that. There are some that have come and gone faster than you can remember, but some leave a lasting impression and revolutionize the scene and the industry.

I won’t talk about the celebs that I’m not particularly fond of (why would I want to start something on my own blog right out of the gate?) but lets just say that some of the people out there doing videos and pictures do not practice very good safety or in the case of a few, are not very mature about what they say and/or how they treat the people that admire them.

Anyways, don’t wanna kill the mood and be negative.  Let me tell you about some of my favorite spanking celebrities.  This will be a recurring topic on my post as I’m realizing that there is just way too many awesome people out there to mention in just one post.  Stay tuned for more of my favorites, but for now here are some of the all time greats.

Dana Specht: www.danaspecht.com

As I said in my previous post, I don’t think there is anyone classier and more of a legend in the Spanko community than Dana Specht.  Providing sessions and making movies for the better part of two decades, Dana is considered to be the absolute queen of discipline in my eyes.  The way she scolds hard, and spanks even harder leaves me with a lump in my throat that leaves me questioning if I actually have done something wrong! I’ve been a big fan of Dana for years and a few weeks ago, I had the courage to finally send her an email saying how big of a fan I was.  Come to find out, she not only sent me a reply and thanked me, she was very sweet and inviting and we ended up exchanging emails over and over to the point of becoming good friends!  She has inspired me in many ways, including being brave enough to start this blog, and she’s even been lending me a helping hand, by providing me with pictures from her spanking sessions to post here on the blog.  I don’t have that much content out here in Afghanistan and they even blocked most of the spanking sites out here on the internet, so it’s really hard to find decent content for this blog.  Thanks Dana for the help and thanks so much for being the awesome person you are.  A true classy lady!

Dana teaching a young lady a very thorough lesson!

Audrey Knight: www.spanking360.wordpress.com

When it comes to schoolboy crushes in the spanking community, there is nobody I’m more infatuated with than Audrey Knight.  This woman has it all, great looks, great personality, great smile, and the ability to work magic on both sides of the paddle!  She’s as strict and tough as nails as they come when it comes to spanking a naughty boy or girl, but she can also be the cutest and most innocent when it comes to receiving a good bottom whooping, and wow, she really can take it as well as she gives it.  I am a huge fan of her blog as well as she has some very interesting posts and puts up some first class spanking videos of her and her fiance Stefan (congrats btw Audrey!).  I’ve had the chance to talk to Audrey a couple times, not much more than a “hi, how are you” but it’s left a lasting impression. I think Audrey is one of the hottest things out there right now in the spanking community and I can’t wait for her to return with spanking360, which I believe will be one of the best spanking paysites on the web.  If you’re out there reading this Audrey, stop by and say hi!  Would love to be able to get to know you a bit more, I’ve heard you are a pretty cool chick to call a friend as well.

Audrey Knight, a great and beautiful spanker! (photo courtesy of missaudreyspanks.com)
 That’s it for now, stayed tuned for more of my favorite spanko celebrities in upcoming posts!