Thoughts for the day.

Hello everyone, hope you all enjoyed your Valentine’s Day.  My day went pretty well, nothing exciting really happened, but I did get the chance to talk to my wife for a little bit to see how things were going.  Was the first time in a really long time, due to crummy phone service out here in the Afghan mountains.  Anyways, it was really nice to hear her voice, especially on Valentine’s Day. :)

Now that V-Day is over I had some thoughts on spanking and how it relates to romance.  This is inspired by a recent blog post from Bonnie at in which she asked the question “is spanking romantic?”.  Here is my answer, and hopefully you will share your opinion as well and leave a comment!  (BTW, thank you Bonnie for mentioning my new blog on MBS, you rule!)

For me, honestly I can’t think of anything more romantic than a spanking, or any discipline for that matter, delivered by that special someone in your life.  When your significant other, or spouse, or special someone you trust is willing to take the time to turn you over their knee and give you the proper discipline and comeuppance (or even just for fun!), what can be more romantic?  In my opinion, that is really showing that you love someone, by giving them what they want, and more importantly, what they need.

Now what if they aren’t that special-someone who turns you over your knee, say like a professional disciplinarian for example (nothing wrong with that either, I really admire what they do and the services they provide), would a spanking from them be considered romantic?  That’s kind of hard to say.  Sure, you are paying for a service and most of us wouldn’t consider that romantic at all.  However, there are some that truly believe they provide a service that will benefit the lives of the people receiving them. 

Take my new good friend Dana Specht as example, she has told me, and also mentioned on her website, that she is not actually what you would call a “true-spanko”, in that she isn’t excited or turned on by spanking someone, or getting spanked etc.  Instead, she feeds off making people happy by giving them the spanking and the discipline that they need and deserve, just as a mother would.  I can tell you from my correspondence with Miss Dana that she is very motherly indeed, and her maternal instincts shine through at the perfect times and always put a smile on my face to make me have a better day when I happen to be down.  A true class act and a wonderful, sweet lady.

The Great Dana Specht doing what she does best!

So what do you think?  Are spankings romantic?  Let me know, would love to hear your thoughts.